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American Mold Experts in Southwest Florida provides certified mold remediation, inspection and removal.

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What can you expect from our mold inspection, mold testing and mold removal services in Southwest Florida? Foremost, you’ll always find compassionate care and professionalism from our team. Next, highly detailed mold assessment reporting, independent 3rd party testing and thorough action plans. Lastly, we employ a 100% organic non-destructive mold remediation process that is safe for people, children and pets.

Did you know that a mere visual inspection will not suffice?

We base our determination on a variety of factors including a full examination of the property (exterior of property, interior, including all rooms, focusing on horizontal surfaces, inside of cabinets, low air movement places, humidity & moisture readings, furnace.

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Transparent, knowable , honest beyond belief They
are in the business for all the right reasons! Non toxic treatment🙌😎. I highly recommend this company. I’ll sure be glad to help you with this journey, just contact the company and they can get me in touch with you ! I’ve learned the hard way and I can answer a lot of questions as a homeowner who suffers from mold exposure.

Kim WorlandGoogle Reviews

Jacob is insanely knowledgeable and helpful and goes above and beyond to make everything right. The entire team understands mycotoxin illness and how to properly remediate both mold and mycotoxins. They also give a warranty that can be renewed annually which is rare. Very professional, compassionate staff! And the job was well done.

Tara ChambersGoogle Reviews

Mold Remediation Services Southwest Florida

Mold Inspection and Testing

Often the first questions residential and commercial mold remediation clients ask is how do I know if I really need mold inspection and testing? The second question is usually what is the average mold inspection cost?

Mold Remediation Services

If your home or business is contaminated, you should get a mold remediation immediately. Even a small amount can be dangerous. A specific danger level has not been set by governments because its effects on most people can vary. One person may have minor affects, while another person in the same property may have major reactions.

Mycotoxin Testing

Mycotoxins are poisonous chemical compounds, which fungi (mold) produce. They are capable of causing illness, disease and even death in humans and other animals. As a result, mold and their mycotoxins are the blame for a wide variety of health issues. Mycotoxins can remain in a home even after professional mold removal and mold clearance pass, therefore we suggest mycotoxin testing to our mold remediation clients.

Mold is our specialty – not a sideline!

American Mold Experts commits to addressing your concerns with experience and professionalism. Knowing the possible effects of short term and long term exposure, we work very hard to ensure a healthy & safe environment after we leave your home or business. Our inspectors are certified by the Professional Mold Inspection Institute(PMII) to perform inspection and remediation services for residential and commercial properties.

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“We have had the American Mold Experts Warranty program for several years. The house crawlspace was treated for mold a few years ago and is inspected again each year. We receive a thorough report with photos. The inspector calls before the visit to let us know his time of arrival. He has the previous years report for reference. The inspector is professional, thorough and very personable, answering any questions. An excellent service”

Nancy AndersonGoogle Reviews

“We worked with this company for remediation of mold found in our home upon selling. Everyone was very straight forward with expectations from the very beginning and nothing changed as they went through the process. It was seamless and effortless and the mold was removed. Brian was great to work with and Karen in the office was superb, as well. We would highly recommend them for inspection and remediation!”

Alvin StokesGoogle Reviews

“We called about a room that had some spots we were concerned about and our warranty covered it. American Mold did not hesitate to send out someone to treat the area. Jordan did great treating the spot and putting our minds at ease. Above and beyond customer service, as always!”

Christie M.Google Reviews

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