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​Mold Rem​oval Services

​American Mold Experts is an organic, green non-destructive mold remediation company. We made this process possible by introducing our signature remediation solution MTR94®. This solution is safer for your family than traditional methods. Fill out the form above to learn more!


​About Our Mold Remediation Process

​​Green Company​

Green Company

​We use an organic, green solution that no other Indiana mold company has access to.



​Our mold remediation process does not require us to tear down any walls.

​100% Warranty

100% Warranty

​We’re the only local company that offers a full warranty for our remediation services.

What Our Customers Have to Say:

“I believe that American Mold is a leader in the industry”

​“Their ability to go in and treat the mold without tearing the walls down, I was excited about. I was also excited about their ability to use natural products to solve mold problems. You don’t want to solve one problem by creating a new one, and by using natural products, they’ve eliminated that. ”

​Jimmy Dulin

Owner, Remax Ability Plus

Owner, Remax Ability Plus

​“American Mold Experts Literally Saved Our Lives”

“American Mold Experts Literally Saved Our Lives”

​“American Mold Experts literally saved our lives! They came and bagged everything in our house and treated it. Our home had not looked that clean since we bought it brand new, freshly built. My asthma is better, our health is better. Thank you American Mold Experts!”

​Amanda B.


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