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Our Organic Mold Removal Solution

Mold Remediation without Destruction

MTR94 ® is a breakthrough technology in mold remediation that simply out-dates other methods. Other treatment processes often require tearing out and replacing infected areas and also use of hazardous man-made chemicals and biocides. MTR94 ® is a 100% natural and organic mold removal solution that simply cleans and removes the mold stains. It is so effective that it usually is not necessary to tear out and replace the areas infected. Once cleaned, the MTR94® leaves behind only a fresh scent. Our new, innovative technology is safer, faster and less expensive than any other remediation service available today.

How does MTR94 ® work? 

Our special formula is made up natural components that speed up chemical reactions. They are the biological substance(protein) that act as sparks and help complex reactions occur in all aspects of our lives. MTR94® treatment and cleaning solutions are made up of components of nature that are everywhere. Laundry detergent contains these components that enhance cleaning ability. The dairy industry uses these natural elements to manufacture cheese. Baby foods, fruit juices and food processing all use these same natural plant derived effective components. Contact solutions use these same compounds to clean and remove proteins. MTR94® works similar to all these other products. It creates a chemical reaction that cleans surfaces.

Is MTR94® safe? 

MTR94 ® is not a man-made chemical. It is a naturally-occurring, organic plant component that simply cleans and removes mold stains. It is both breathable and edible. It is NOT hazardousto the environment in any way. A volatile organic compound(VOC) test performed showed the product to be safe for humans and pets. This green solution is quickly gaining favor as the natural choice for removal.

Where did MTR94 ® come From?
MTR94® is a new product. It was developed by a manufacturer that specializes in the medical industry for bio-remediation using natural products, specifically in cleaning surgical equipment. Cleaning agents were further developed for the food and restaurant industry. In 2004, the industry began testing these natural blends for remediation. Superior results were achieved, leading to the release and approval for a residential and commercial solution. The product known as MTR94® is currently used and available with a select few companies with certified staff by the Professional Mold Inspector Institute. For this reason, it remains rather exclusive.

How does our organic mold removal method compare to other removal methods?

Cleaning and removing mold manually can be time-consuming, expensive, and unhealthy. If not done correctly, the removal process will make it worse. It can spread around the mold, rather than cleaning it. When moldy materials are disturbed, they can release 10 to 1000 times more spores, which can be inhaled. It can then be spread to around. Other methods may require walls be torn down and carpet removed to access the mold but does not guarantee that all of it will be found. Opening moldy walls can release millions of spores. Moldy materials usually must be disposed of properly in plastic bags and replaced. Man-made chemicals can be even more toxic than mold if not handled carefully. Chemical residue can remain after the it is gone. This process can take weeks to remove all of the mold.

The MTR94® is safe and nontoxic; derived from natural plant sources. It cleans and removes mold stains in hidden and hard-to-reach places without having to destroy property. It is safe and effective.

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