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When it comes to mold remediation services, there are lots of companies that claim to completely remove mold from your home or business. It has become such a cliche that even general contractors started to add it to their service list. However, it is a little-known fact that just because you can no longer see or smell the mold doesn’t mean that it is no longer there.

Mold Remediation Services That Don’t Work

There are several companies that believe that you can accomplish a successful mold removal with bleach or by just removing the surfaces that have visible mold. However, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, the use of a chemical or biocide, such as bleach, is not recommended as a routine practice during mold cleanup. Environmental specialists do not recommend bleach because it does not completely remove mold. Similar to plants, mold has roots that grow beneath the surface of porous materials. Bleach removes some of the surface molds; however, there are millions of surface spores that are only bleached to a clear color. Also, since bleach can not penetrate porous surfaces, it never kills the roots of the mold. This allows mold to grow back within a few weeks after remediation.

Also, when you only remove the materials where there is visible mold growth, you have set up a ticking time bomb. Not only does this method allow for the mold to become airborne, it also neglects the fact that mold growth does not always remain contained to one area. An affected property should always be sprayed and scrubbed thoroughly with a mold removal solution that removes surface mold and the roots.

Mold Remediation Services That Work

We won’t discuss everyone’s remediation process but let’s discuss ours. American Mold Experts has proven it’s method over 4,000 times. We use all-natural, organic ingredients in our enzyme.  Unlike bleach, this makes the remediation process safer. Also, the remediation process is non-destructive! We have developed the enzyme ourselves so you cannot get this remediation process from most companies. In the same way that Uber out-dated taxis, our enzyme, MTR94® out-dates the traditional mold removal process. MTR94® cleans the mold, the roots and continues to coat the surface to help prevent mold from growing back.

Apart from using an effective enzyme, we use a four step mold remediation process geared to ensure a safe, efficient job.

  1. Stop any water leaks and moisture access
  2. Prepare the property for remediation
  3. Remediation
  4. Post-remediation test

We have a systematic approach to each one of these steps. To learn about them more in detail, check out our Mold Remediation Services page.


Mold remediation services are a serious deal and should be treated as such. When searching for a mold company, be sure to ask about the process and the solution used to kill the mold. If you hear bleach, run! We have an article that explains more about why you should avoid using bleach during mold cleanup.

Also, keep in mind that mold remediation done wrong can cause more harm than good. Be wise when choosing a mold company.

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