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We know when dealing with a potential mold issue, there are lots of questions and concerns. We’re here to help.

This page was designed to give you mold information through articles and videos about toxic black mold, remediation, effects and testing performed on MTR94® – our natural method for remediation. We hope that you find our information helpful. If you have any questions, we encourage you to please contact us today and let us help restore comfort, health and confidence in your home or office.

Thermal Imaging Camera Services are also available to discover problems that are otherwise invisible to the naked eye. The NAMM (National Association of Moisture Management) recommends bioremediation over standard remediation, if possible. Bioremediation Protocols in general: The costs and time are greatly reduced using bioremediation. If you would like additional information please click here to read the entire article.

Mold Information Resources

Elizabeth Vaughn M.D.– Toxic Black Mold Syndrome (FOX News)  Some get sick, some don’t based on HLA genes.  Pro-inflammatory reactions and disturbs hormones.  What diagnosis would have?  Neurological like chronic fatigue, fibramylisia, MS, ALS, dementia or physicatrist (ADD, ADHD, Depression) or look fat or blotted. Long list of symptoms. Symptoms change over time.  Involve and affect different organ systems in the body.  Each person will react different. Sometimes people think you are crazy.

Dr Michael Gray, MD Immunologist  (1:41)