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This year’s heavy fall rains and mild winter temperatures have produced unseasonable mold growth concerns. We are not exactly having a heat wave, but temperatures have been well above normal. Mold spores would normally die off during a cold snap but in warmer weather, mold continues to grow and spread.

While most are thrilled with the mild temperatures, dreaded frost and snow in typical winter months prevent mold from circulating in the outside air. While winter usually grants us with a temporary reprieve from mold growth due to lower levels outdoors, this year requires steps to keep mold at bay.

As always, we recommend that you keep cleaning around persistently moist areas like dampness around windows. Keeping the air circulating in bathrooms and tight spaces will also help. Reduce humidity in your home using a home dehumidifier. Monitor with a humidity meter.

Not to sound like a broken record, but, warm winter or not, mold prevention is always about keeping spaces Clean and Dry!

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